Dave Scotts Diary
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Introduction to David Scott’s website

Whilst looking through my father’s personal belongings following his death in April 2004, I came across a notebook of his. On the front cover he’d written: “David Scott - Diary of my Time as a P.O.W. During 1944 -1945”

On the inside cover was written: “whilst a P.O.W. in Germany in 1944, I wrote a diary of my experiences, as it was written in pencil it faded badly, so I decided to try and write a fair copy. This is it, plus later notes.” August 1999

Reading through the diary for the first time, I was struck by a number of things. For example, the page-turning quality of the storyline, the wonderful detail and the vividly described cameo accounts woven into the bigger story. Above all for me, however, is the overriding matter of fact account of extraordinary times told in a straightforward and unassuming way - all of this coupled with the portrayal of courageous young men who repeatedly took off in planes, in my father's case a Lancaster Bomber, not knowing if they would return.

My father very rarely talked about the war, which I’m told is quite usual for ex-combatants. He did, however, tell me a couple of stories towards the end of his life, which I subsequently read, in his wartime diary. Read more here >